Mission, Values & Vision


Our mission is to secure financial resources for Florida State College at Jacksonville to provide students in need access to an affordable, quality education and to enhance the lives and the economic development of Northeast Florida.



We are steadfast in our obligation to fulfill the intention of the donor and discover new financial resources for students in need of additional support.


We are diligent and disciplined in carrying out our mission. We are reliable and responsible in ways that earn the trust of our donors, students and community.


We properly invest and safeguard the funds entrusted to us, reflecting the intentions of our donors, and meeting the needs of the students and the College.


We value our staff’s skills and actively support their continued growth and development as they advance the Foundation and adapt to future needs.


We strive to pay attention to every detail every day. We consistently seek creative and innovative ways to do better.

Diversity and Inclusion

We seek to be inclusive and embrace diversity in all its forms. It strengthens our ability to achieve our goals by bringing together and serving a broad cross-section of individuals with varied needs, experiences, and perspectives.


We envision a community, where through availability and excellence in education resources, individuals and families will achieve their potential, have income stability, and live happy, productive lives.